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Our mission is to improve lives through fitness & pilates, keeping body and mind stronger for longer

Brett & Matthew - form fitness pilates creators

How our FORM Fitness Pilates studio can help

Our Studio is more than a workout.

We are here for you and ready to help you reach your health & fitness goals.

Our Reformer and Studio classes combine modern pilates, functional movement, high intensity resistance and interval training.

Our Barre classes are perfect to strengthen, stretch, tone and dance to a fierce soundtrack.

All our classes are full body workouts, multi levelled, dynamic, safe, efficient, effective, addictive and fun !

There is a class for everyone at FORM Fitness Pilates

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pilates fitness form

pilates form control class


Our signature reformer class builds strength, progresses technique and raises the heart rate in a motivating, challenging full body workout.

pilates form barre class


Our signature studio full body workout is packed with dance inspired sculpting moves with a mix of serious cardio and core. You’ll feel exhilarated and see amazing results.

pilates form foundation


Build & perfect strong foundation by learning and practicing our repertoire in this deliberate paced full body workout.

pilates form fiit


This circuit class combines resistance training, functional movement  and intense cardio drills. Increasing strength, endurance, power and cardio fitness.