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Pesto Risotto with Roasted Veg and Cashew Parmesan

We discovered this recipe a few months ago and have become a bit obsessed ! We have tweaked it a little and added a little heat. When you are making this be patient with the rice and stir, stir then stir some more. This beautiful green pesto risotto is so creamy, tasty, low in fat, but full in flavour. Packed with spinach and nuts this is a truly yummy healthy alternative to all that butter and cheese in traditional Risottos. You can play with using basil and spinach, changing up the veggies or leaving out the wine.


Pilates Reform Instructors - FORM Fitness Pilates

Hi everyone and welcome to our first blog at FORM Fitness Pilates.

We opened our doors on December 1st and now eight weeks on all is going fabulously. We’re loving the feeling of community the studio has achieved at this point and classes have a wonderful feeling of fun and positivity.