Find Your FORM with our Pilates Instructors

FORM has been created as a one stop boutique studio for your health, fitness and well-being.

Classes are kept small and have greater focus on FORM and technique delivering full body workouts in 45 minutes.

At the core of each class are our principles of Posture & Alignment, Breathe, Centering the Core, Concentration and Co-ordination

Our workouts are dynamic, safe, efficient, effective, addictive and fun. Be ready to build strength, cardio fitness and flexibility, for a healthy, pain free, happy body and mind.

“Our mission is to improve lives through fitness & pilates, keeping body and mind stronger for longer “
Brett & Matthew – form fitness pilates creators

Benefits of Pilates can include

Increased overall muscle strength, endurance, tone & definition, stronger core, greater flexibility, coordination and balance.

Improved concentration/clearer mind, better posture, graceful and efficient movement, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.

Weight loss, boosted bone density, increased happiness & well being.

Pilates Instructor - Matthew - FORM Fitness Pilates


Instructor & Creator

Matthew comes from the UK and trained at the Royal Ballet School.

He is an Elixr school of pilates graduate and holds a Cert 3 in fitness & Cert 4 in Massage and is Certified in Barre.

After 21 years performing in musicals & dance including a stint at the Moulin Rouge, pilates was a natural transition. While studying he discovered Barre and fell in love with these amazing workouts.

Matthew is dedicated to help you achieve your FORM fitness goals through his exciting classes that will constantly Challenge you.

Pilates Instructor - Brett - FORM Fitness Pilates


Instructor & Creator

Brett has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years highlights include the Moulin Rouge and starring in Rhythm of the night at Jupiters Casino.

He believes that health and fitness are the two most important things in our lives.

Brett has a Diploma in Exercise Science, is also graduate of the Elixr school of Pilates and is certified in Barre.

He can’t wait to meet you in his multi levelled classes with an extra dose of fun!