Today’s world everyone is juggling a busy lifestyle, and finding a balance can be difficult. One of the first aspects of our lives that suffers is our general health and well being. People always have the best intentions when it comes to diet and exercise but a lot of people tend to set unrealistic goals that are impossible to maintain.

Today we’re going to focus on diet. Approximately 75% of our total overall health comes from what we put in our mouths. The mistake is so often made that people think because they’re working out three times a week they can keep drinking to excess and overeat unhealthy foods…..WRONG!

You need to compliment all the amazing hard work you put in at FORM Fitness Pilates with eating all the good stuff to achieve the best long lasting results. There is no miracle pill we can take or special type of diet to go on to reach goals. There is no complicated scientific explanation to explain why we can’t lose excess kilo’s…..The answer is simply….Energy In versus Energy Out! If you’re consuming too many calories and you’re not burning them off through everyday movement and exercise, you will gain weight….Simple…..Eat less, move more! Our population in general do not meet the guidelines of 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of veggies per day. This occurs due to various daily challenges such as being busy with the kids, work, lack of time and just laziness. We need to find that little extra time to be prepared and make the right choices of what we eat everyday.

We hate using the word “DIET” as it just puts you in the mind set of depriving yourself of things you enjoy. Simple choices should be implemented weekly so they become second nature and you get to a point where you don’t even think about it anymore.

Start by making some simple changes, for instance, if you drink too much sugary soft drink, replace with sparkling water with ice and fresh lemon or lime……So refreshing I can’t tell you enough! We love our Soda stream !

Move More, Eat Less Calories

A great alternative to a meaty bolognese is to use mushrooms of your choice, we like this one

A great way to sneak more nutrition into the kids meals as well. For a healthy snack cut up your favourite veggies (ours are baby carrots & red and green capsicums) for dipping into hummus! You’re upping your veggie intake, getting great protein from the hummus and it’s delicious!

A Simple Guide for Healthy Nutrition

So the secret is take small steps to make life long changes, add more fruit veg & plant based options. Drink some more water and try and eat less processed foods. We’re such a lucky country who have a great supply of fabulous produce, let’s take advantage of that in itself, you won’t regret it.

If you are in the studio and have any questions regarding nutrition tips please don’t hesitate to have a chat to us about some other great food ideas.

Matthew and Brett