Hi everyone and welcome to our first blog at FORM Fitness Pilates.

We opened our doors on December 1st and now eight weeks on all is going fabulously. We’re loving the feeling of community the studio has achieved at this point and classes have a wonderful feeling of fun and positivity.

FORM Fitness Pilates STORY

At this point we wanted to give you a little background info on us. Matthew and I met while working in Paris at the world famous Moulin Rouge. We were both dancers living in France from 1996 till the end of 2000. After a couple of short stints back in Oz we then spent six years on the high seas working for Carnival Cruise Lines in the USA.

While happy in our careers we both new there was a shelf life for this existence and we started planning for the future. Settling in Sydney in 2013 we both retrained in Pilates & Barre where we worked for several studios gaining a regular following of clients and really enjoying helping people reach their fitness goals. Before gay marriage became legal we discovered that because Matthew was British we could marry in the British consulate overlooking Sydney Harbour. On September 25th 2014 we said “I do” in front of our best friends after 17 years together.


Two years ago we decided that the next step for us would be to open our own studio. Taking all our new knowledge and great advice from close friends (who had opened their own studio’s) the plan came to fruition that the Gold Coast would be the location and our plans went into action.

After taking a “gap” six months to do some travelling, we were lucky enough to teach pilates on a 3 month world cruise. We embarked in Sydney and disembarked in Rome, what an amazing experience!

We arrived back in Australia in September with a short list of properties and hit the ground running. Everything happened very quickly and things just fell into place as if it was meant to be. Lease signed, builder hired, equipment purchased and full steam ahead.


December arrived in the blink of an eye and we were opened. The studio is more than we ever imagined and the feedback so far is nothing but positive. We really believe in what we offer, safe, efficient, effective and fun full body 45 minute workouts. Our little health and fitness community is slowly growing and we both feel this has definitely been the right decision for us…..Woohoo!!

Keep following us through our blog for studio news, health & fitness tips, yummy healthy recipes and other fun tidbits. Have a wonderful day…..see you soon!

Matthew & Brett