We have Pilates Classes for everyone

All our classes are 45 minute full body workouts focussed on form while increasing strength, endurance, flexibility and fitness levels.

Find your form, feel the difference in your health & well-being.

The Reformer Pilates Studio

Pilates Form Foundation - FORM Fitness Pilates


Build & perfect strong foundation by learning and practicing our repertoire in this deliberate paced full body workout

Pilates Form Control Class - FORM Fitness Pilates


Our signature reformer class builds strength, progresses technique and raises the heart rate in a motivating, challenging full body workout

Pilates Class at Home - FORM Fitness Pilates


Take it up a notch by adding circuits and cardio drills in this high intensity resistance workout. Increasing strength & burning more calories

The Form Fitness Studio

Complete Pilates Class - FORM Fitness Pilates


Pilates and functional movements in a full body core focused strength conditioning class. Improving spine & joint mobility, posture and muscle tone

Pilates Form Barre Class - FORM Fitness Pilates


Our signature studio full body workout is packed with dance inspired sculpting moves with a mix of serious cardio and core. You’ll feel exhilarated and see amazing results

Pilates Class Southport - FORM Fitness Pilates


This circuit class combines resistance training, functional movement and intense cardio drills. Increasing strength, endurance, power and cardio fitness

The On Demand Studio

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If you can’t make it to a class or time is short, join us in our ever expanding on demand studio.

Classes available include Mat Pilates, circuit HIIT and our signature calorie burning Form Barre. There are plenty of choices to keep you motivated, fit and healthy when you’re stuck at home or away on holiday. If you only have 10 minutes free or ready for a 45 minute full body workout, our class times vary to suit your schedule.

You can purchase access our on demand studio by the daily, weekly or monthly and stream straight to your chosen device at anytime.

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