Form Fitness Pilates Open Weekend

March 14th-15th

Free classes all weekend to new clients only.
First 20 signups receive free grip socks.
Free Tasty treats and healthy juices.
Membership deals
A chance to win a free month of unlimited classes

Saturday Classes

9:15 AM Form Foundation (Reformer)
9:30 AM Form Barre
10:15 AM Form Control (Reformer)

Sunday Classes

9:00 AM Form FIIT (Cardio Circuit)
9:15 AM Form Control (Reformer)
10:00 AM Form Barre

Benefits of Pilates can include

Increased overall muscle strength, endurance, tone & definition, stronger core, greater flexibility, coordination and balance.

Improved concentration/clearer mind, better posture, graceful and efficient movement, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.

Weight loss, boosted bone density, increased happiness & well being.

Find Your FORM with our Pilates Instructors

FORM has been created as a one stop boutique studio for your health, fitness and well-being.

Classes are kept small and have greater focus on FORM and technique delivering full body workouts in 45 minutes.

At the core of each class are our principles of Posture & Alignment, Breathe, Centering the Core, Concentration and Co-ordination

Our workouts are dynamic, safe, efficient, effective, addictive and fun. Be ready to build strength, cardio fitness and flexibility, for a healthy, pain free, happy body and mind.

Make FORM classes a part of your lifestyle - Membership Packages


$40 a week 2 classes


$55 a week 3 classes


$70 a week unlimited classes